4th quarter Newsletter.



What we do at Not Alone Blind Internet Ministry:


Š       Provide a weekly devotional podcast message called “You’re Not Alone””

Š       Provide a Bible study podcast called “Room 4216”

Š       Serve the 52 Outreach Centers with a newsletter and leadership support

Š       Provide pastoral care and counseling that comes about from the podcasts

Š       Raise financial support and awareness for Not Alone Blind Internet Ministry


Devotional thought from Pastor Dave:


Many of you know I love to do carpentry and woodworking. Doing this, I often ended up with holes in the knees of my blue jeans. Last month it happened again.  My mom use to patch them for me but she is now in heaven with Jesus.  I’ll just have to discard them as useless.


This past October and then on Thanksgiving the Gospel reading is about ten lepers that Jesus met, recorded in Luke 17:11-17. Discarded by society as useless, that’s how they felt. Leprosy, a potentially contagious skin disease, meant the person had to live outside the city, separated from family, jobs and life as they knew it. 


When Jesus saw them he said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went they were cleansed. Then one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, praising God with a loud voice; and he fell on his face at Jesus’ feet, giving him thanks. Now he was a Samaritan.


All ten were cleansed. But the Samaritan, having faith, was declared by Jesus “made well” because he returned to thank Him. Jesus ministers to those living in the margins of society; those DISCARDED by society.


This is the kind of message that Not Alone Ministry shares with people who are blind and visually impaired. Society may shun or discard people due to their physical disability, like lack of sight, but not Jesus! Not Alone Ministry shares that Jesus makes the blind and visually impaired whole, complete, and well again. Thank you for your support and prayers for this ministry—a ministry reaching to the “margins.”


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“You’re Not Alone” Podcast Listener’s Comments:


Š       “I wanted to thank you once again for including me on your mailing list for this weekly podcast.  I enjoy each one very much, and your thoughts sincerely help me get through the week.”


Š       “Hi Pastor Dave. I am also totally blind which means I’m color blind too. I have been known to judge folks by what they’ve done to me in the past. I am getting better but I still do it. It’s really wild how we do stuff like that but God loves us just for who we are. He doesn't judge us for how we look or talk or even how we act. He just accepts us and loves us!  Really did enjoy today’s lesson but I always do! 


Room 4216 Bible Study Comments:


Š       “Wow!  What an awesome job you all did!  I loved it! God bless you guys for doing this Bible Study. It helps me so much!  I’m so glad Jesus is alive!”


Š       “Hi. Very good podcast. I did like the side tracks (Ruth Chapter Two Lesson) as employment for disabled people is a difficult subject. We don’t always have the opportunity to work, and so, we find other ways to serve God and our neighbor.”


Blind Outreach Center Update:


There are 52 Outreach Centers that are open and serving their community throughout the country. This ministry provides training, encouragement and networking so that these centers may flourish and grow.


Š       At the Outreach Center of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, Pastor Walquist of the host congregation retired. Pastor Dave, as an Outreach Consultant, sent the leadership at the Outreach Center ideas to consider and work through while the congregation was vacant. Pastor Dave received this note:


“Thank you, Pastor Dave, for your helpful suggestions for the people of Immanuel's Blind Outreach Center to consider during our pastoral vacancy. You have given us good information!  Thanks for your input.”


Š       In August, Pastor Dave, visited the Jefferson City Blind Outreach Center in Missouri. Started in 2010, this Outreach Center meets at Trinity Lutheran Church and has a large population of people who are blind living there. Although there are many community secular services for the blind, this Outreach Center is the only service that emphasis the spiritual aspects of a blind person.


Please consider partnering with “Not Alone” Blind Internet Ministry to provide hope and restore comfort to those who are blind. If you would like to support this ministry, please donate via PayPal at the website link below or send a check to:


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