What we do at Not Alone Blind Internet Ministry:


Š       A weekly devotional podcast message called “You’re Not Alone””

Š       A Bible study podcast called “Room 4216”

Š       Serve the 50+ Outreach Centers with a newsletter and leadership

Š       Pastoral care and counseling that comes about from the podcasts

Š       Raise financial support and awareness for Not Alone Blind Internet Ministry


Devotional thought from Pastor Dave:


Before the weather warmed up, my wife, Debb, and I sat outside and enjoyed another bonfire. When Debb had me build a fire ring, I was skeptical as to its benefits. But I was wrong. The crackle of the fire, the warmth it gave out, the movement of the flames were relaxing and enjoyable.


The sun had set, the birds stopped their dusk calls, and the peeper frogs began their evening song. Sitting there in front of the fire, all the cares, worries, troubles and disappointments of the week drifted away with the smoke from the fire. How peaceful it was. Then I recalled our upcoming Sunday Gospel reading from John 14:27: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” (ESV)


Peace in this world would be the end of fighting and discord. It would be a desired peace not just for countries but for communities and families as well. Worldly peace would include peace inside the mind in order to accept and live with oneself.


The peace Jesus speaks of is different. Jesus had peace even when he was beaten, whipped and mocked. Jesus had peace when his friends left him and the authorities carried out a punishment appropriate for the guiltiest. Jesus gives us peace with God. We know that no matter what our earthly situation or circumstances may be, God is with us. It is this “Peace” that surpasses understanding that Not Alone Ministry shares with people who are blind and visually impaired. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Pastor Dave Andrus


Find us on Facebook:


The Not Alone Internet Ministry is now on Facebook. If you go to the Facebook website and type in “Dave Andrus” you will find the Not Alone Internet Ministry there. Each time a new podcast of “Week in Reflection” or “Room 4216” is available, we post it on Facebook. If you ask to be a “friend” you can get the info and listen too.


You’re Not Alone Podcast Listeners:

Not Alone Internet Ministry has listeners of a variety of ages. One young man is just 10 years old! We also have listeners in their 20s and listeners who are in their 70s.


Norene: “I do enjoy the ‘Not-Alone’ sessions. Good things to dwell on. Take care and keep up the good work.”


Jerry and Ruth: “We found the podcast and it was so good to hear from you. It is always good to hear someone’s voice rather than reading text. Ruth and I wish you many blessings.”


Jodi: “Thank you for the link to the podcasts. I am finding them extremely helpful and encouraging. I recently went to see the movie Miracles from Heaven with a friend and I have started to look back through the years at the miracles that I did not see as miracles. I definitely count meeting you as one of those miracles that I have been blessed with in my life. Thank you for sharing this information with me.”


Room 4216 Bible Study Comments:


This podcast is not just Pastor Dave and Cecilia talking back and forth. The Bible is read, unpacked, explained and then connected to the life of a person with a physical disability like blindness. What’s been done so far?


     Christmas—two shows

     Jonah, the book—three shows

     Jesus during Lent—four shows

     Jesus alive from the dead—five shows

     Pentecost—one show

     Ruth—our present shows


Angela: “I listened to your new Bible Study and enjoyed it a lot. I asked for something with more substance and you did it! I knew you could and it is a good job. I loved the impressive sound and music additions. I applaud your “Home Run.” Thank you and God bless you.


Janet: “Wow! What an awesome job you all did! I loved it! God bless you guys for doing this Bible Study. It helps me so much! I’m so glad Jesus is alive!”


From the Olivers: “Believe me when I say those Podcasts … especially Room 4216, have been enjoyed by the Olivers. I’ve enjoyed listening to them as well as Lily’s laughter. It was great to hear another set of voices in our home. One thing I will admit you sure can act grumpy!”





Blind Outreach Center Update:


This past month, Pastor Dave (as an Outreach Consultant) visited the Toledo Blind Outreach Center in Ohio. Started in 2002, this Outreach Center meets at Saint Philip’s Lutheran Church. Because of the commitment and care of the church and community members, these dedicated volunteers were able to raise funds to build a ramp, making it easier for blind attendees to maneuver the building’s many steps and narrow halls.


On average, the Toledo Outreach Center has 45 people who are blind in attendance, with one to two new people coming every month.


While in Toledo, Pastor Dave provided advanced training for the blind and sighted leaders at the Outreach Center and looked at what was being done well and not well; what was stopping plans from being carried out; and what new goals could be added for the next few years to come. In addition, Pastor Dave and Outreach leaders talked about reaching and recruiting new volunteers.


Blind Outreach Center Newsletter:

A separate Outreach Center newsletter is sent monthly by Pastor Dave to help the 50+ Outreach Centers across the country know that they are not alone. This newsletter helps blind and sighted Outreach leaders with ideas for monthly gatherings (such as a trivia games) and includes a devotional, written by Pastor Dave, to be used at Outreach Center gatherings.

A pastor who receives this monthly Outreach newsletter wrote:


“Thanks for your newsletter. I appreciate them and am using your devotions. I thought it

 was surprising that you made mention of the Blind Outreach Center in Bradenton,

 Florida, because Trish (Blind Outreach attendee) moved there this week and talked about

 starting an Outreach Center there! Thanks for being God’s instrument.” 


Pastor Rempfer, Quincy, Illinois


Please consider partnering with Not Alone Blind Internet Ministry to provide hope and restore comfort to those who are blind. If you would like to support this ministry, please donate via PayPal at the website link below or send a check to:


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